The Importance of Sitemaps


Text Version Why?

( Note that the entire above document is a single image so Google can’t ‘see’ it, but it can read text. No point in having beautiful graphics unless search engines can see/read them. Always give the search engines a description of an image you use using the ‘ALT IMAGE’ tag or a text version as in this case)

Case Study : Importance of Sitemaps    Featured Client :  Fitness Centres

A Fitness group with  Two fitness centres in The Hague, Netherlands

From nowhere, Fitness Centres get to No 1 on Google for 25 search terms in less than 2 weeks !

The Problem

The website of this Fitness Group was not appearing in Google search results for any of its wide range of activities and facilities.

The Cause

The website is structured in a way which confused Google. There was a single home page with a photo and one line of text and links to the two fitness centres which have their own websites featuring the wide range of facilities and activities available.  These important secondary websites were ignored by the search engines when they crawled the main website because they were shown as external links and not part of the Fitness Group website.

In other words, the two fitness centre websites did not exist as far as Google was concerned.

The Solution

Two sitemaps were created. One for each of the two fitness centre websites giving Google details of all the web pages on each site and this ensured that the next time the website was crawled by Google, it looked at every page, not only of the single home page but also the two secondary fitness centre websites which contained the valuable information about the facilities and activities available.

The Result

Within 5 days Google had indexed all the pages on the two fitness centre websites and the Fitness Group began to appear in Google results for more and more of the activities and facilities they offer.

Within 10 days they appeared at No 1 on Google for 25 different search terms.  In addition, the Fitness  Group now appears on the first page of Google for every activity and facility they offer.


This case study shows how each component of a website affects its chances of being ranked highly by search engines. In this instance, a lot of effort had been applied to providing all the relevant information of the wide range of facilities and activities in two nicely designed websites for the two Fitness centres but they were ‘buried’ as external links in a single page ‘intro’ website.

The single page shows a photo, but search engines can’t ‘see’ images, only text, so as far as Google was concerned, the Fitness Group was a single page website with a single line of text with no keywords

The path to Success

Carried out detailed SEO Audit and made recommendations

4 Apr    The client approved   1st stage of SEO Plan

5 Apr    Sitemaps created for the two fitness centre websites

8 Ap    Google crawls and indexes the first Fitness centre website and it starts to appear in Google results

10 Apr Google crawls and indexes the second Fitness centre website and it starts to appear in Google results

14 Apr  Both Fitness Centres are now appearing in Google Results for searches for every activity and facility they offer.

To see the details of the google searches please see the following page………..









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