Website Preview

This is the starting point. We have a look at your website and see how
it shapes up in terms of structure, technical build and content not only for SEO (search engine optimization) but more importantly how it stacks up towards your specific business plans.

This is a fairly informal process, usually a phone call or exchange of emails. Based on the preview you can then decide if you would like us to do an SEO audit…….

At this stage, money has not changed hands

SEO audit

We now do a thorough analysis of your website and evaluate each component of the site’s structure, navigation, the html code and content. We look at the site’s history, its ranking in search engine results for your chosen target keywords, as well as both inbound and outbound links to and from your website.

Most importantly, we also look at your nearest competitors’ websites to see what you must do to be the leader in your chosen target market. We then provide a detailed report which would form the basis for a proposed website marketing strategy.

The fee for the SEO audit will depend on the complexity of the site and be in the region of £ 350- 1500

SEO Plan

We now implement the SEO plan which is very comprehensive and optimizes every aspect of your website. This provides on-page optimization based on keyword research, and covers all the site content, the html code, images, on-line forms, internal links  etc. and also
off-page optimization which includes a linking strategy in terms of online directories, trade associations, reciprocal links with complementary business partners, suppliers etc and social media where appropriate, such as facebook and twitter.

The SEO Plan can take between 2 – 6 months to implement.

The fee for the SEO Plan is charged monthly and is negotiable depending on the complexity of your site .

Website Marketing Plan

The SEO plan will get your website performing well in terms of search engine rankings for your targeted keywords but to get the best results from your website marketing, we may suggest Search Engine Marketing (SEM) whereby you skip the usual organic climb up the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) and launch adwords for immediate promotion of a product or service.

We would conduct a competitor analysis in order to proactively steer your website towards your marketing objectives, and to strengthen your ‘online authority’ which Search engines assess by extremely complex and unfathomable algorithms. All you need to know is that a well constructed website with lots of original content referring to targeted keywords, that is linked to by important websites with high ranking will be rewarded. It sounds easy. It’s a bit like chartered accountancy but not as much fun. Sorry, I couldn’t resist a bit of whimsy. The truth is that website marketing is thrilling, exhilirating !

By the time we are talking about drawing up a website marketing plan, we must be pretty happy with our working relationship, so the fees will be appropriate to skill provided and the expected results



“Hi Marek. I am delighted with the way you have transformed our web site and the increased exposure that our site has enjoyed as a result of your optimization process. The hit rate has increased dramatically providing us with more business opportunities.

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