What do you want your website to do?

Websites can fulfill many differing objectives. It is important to define very clearly what you want your website to do for your business.

1 what products or services do you provide ?

It is worth thinking of all the aspects of your business. You never know which aspect may catch the attention, or need of a prospective customer? It could be your payment terms, or location, or the product knowledge you can provide. What makes you special, or different ?

2 what is the purpose of your website ?

There are differing reasons why businesses need a website:-

-To inform customers about your products or services ( product catalogue etc)
-To attract new customers through keyword targetting
-To sell your products off the page
-To create a database or mailing list
-To reinforce your brand

“Each case may require a different approach in terms of website design, content and Search Engine Optimization”

“Can you imagine a plainer homepage than Google? And yet.. it is perfect for what it does!”

3 who are your target audiences ?

You may find that you are trying to attract different types of audience and what may work for a young disloyal bargain hunter may put off an older customer who is looking for a reliable and stolid supplier? Give time to consider the demographics of your potential website visitors and prospective customers.

How well is your website performing?

Do you know how well your website is performing ? How do you measure?

Those who understand SEO may be surprised that there are many website owners for whom it is still a relatively unknown factor.
I have often spoken with owners who take pride in announcing that when they did a search for their website by name, it came up at the top of the page of google, yahoo or bing. ( If it didn’t, then they need to check that their website is actually online and that there are no technical issues from stopping the search engines finding their website!)

SERPS – Search Engine Results Page

Firstly, of course you will look to see where your website appears in the SERPS (search engine results page) but also see if you website has a single entry, or a double entry. The double entry is not something you can manipulate. Called a site-link, It is applied by the search engine when a website is felt to display sufficient authority for the given search term.


Secondly, for which keywords does your website feature highly? You may feel pleased that your website features highly for a particular search term, but is that search term going to bring you the business? This is where Website Marketing Optimization plays a key role. You must ensure that your website appears on the first page for those search terms that your prospective clients are likely to use to find your product or service which will lead to enquiries and orders.

Why Monitor ?

Applying elements of SEO to your website can be a little like steering an 80,000 ton oil tanker. It can take varying periods before you see the effect. You have to develop a sense of how to monitor the impact of your changes. The danger is that you may expect instant improvements in your position in the google results and when they don’t come, you panic and make other changes, not realising that given a bit more time, the benefits would percolate through to the search engines. Constant fiddling can lead to a a total misunderstanding of what does and doesn’t work for your website.

It is imperative that you set up monitoring procedures to see the effect of changes you make, whether it is by visitor numbers to your site, which pages they view, how long they stay at your site, how many phone enquiries you receive, and whether your website goes up in the listings for google, yahoo,bing etc.



“Hi Marek. I am delighted with the way you have transformed our web site and the increased exposure that our site has enjoyed as a result of your optimization process. The hit rate has increased dramatically providing us with more business opportunities.

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